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A Sip of History at Palowa

Gdansk has been enriched with a new, extremely attractive exhibition space. That is the Palowa Chamber under the Main Town Hall, where once the Palowa restaurant operated.



The renovation and adaptation of this gothic space started in 2016 and was completed at a cost of 2,3 million PLN. The chamber, which was built in XIV century took its name from its function: fares from merchant ships mooring at the harbor, were collected there. Wall paintings unveiled during restoration also suggest that this space was used as a chapel for the councilors.

What’s especially interesting is the fact, that despite its size – 200 m2, the chamber was not destroyed during WWII. All thanks to its underground location. Currently people who visit the chamber can admire a collection of Gdansk silver: items belonging to wealthy citizens and church, in ages past.

The exhibition will be opened till 1st of April.