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A cruise by a water tram

The next water tram season starts on May 1st, 2018 in Gdańsk. The Public Transport Authority of Gdańsk (ZTM Gdańsk) invites you for a water tram cruise on Gdańsk’s open waters until September 30th, 2018.

Jerzy Pinkas /

This year the water tram lines will be operated by two passenger ships owned by the Gdańsk Shipping Company (Żegluga Gdańska): ”SONICA” and “SONICA I”. They can carry 50 people and 5 bicycles at a time. In case of rain or wind, there will be seats available for passengers in a built-up, glazed lounge.

There to 2 routes you can choose from:

Route F5:  Żabi Kruk - Westerplatte – Brzeźno
                   Brzeźno – Westerplatte - Żabi Kruk

Stops: Żabi Kruk - Zielony Most - Targ Rybny- Wiosny Ludów - Nabrzeże Zbożowe - Twierdza Wisłoujście - Westerplatte - Nowy Port Latarnia Morska – Brzeźno.

Route F6:  Targ Rybny - Narodowe Centrum Żeglarstwa – Sobieszewo
                   Sobieszewo - Narodowe Centrum Żeglarstwa - Targ Rybny

Stops: Targ Rybny - Wiosny Ludów - Narodowe Centrum Żeglarstwa – Sobieszewo


We strongly recommend to use a water tram. It is not only a very practical way to move around the city, but also a unique opportunity to get to know Gdańsk from a different perspective.