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A holiday for foodies

The last week of Carnival traditionally begins with Fat Thursday. On this special day doughnuts symbolize the sweet holiday and are very much in demand. There are often long queues to confectionaries since morning.


How many doughnuts will you eat today?
How many doughnuts will you eat today?
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Of course the date of this holiday for foodies depends on the date of Easter in a given year. Fat Thursday always falls between 29th January and 4th March.

Anything goes on Fat Thursday. Apart from doughnuts you can eat all the other confections on this day. This is in fact advisable because in a couple of days after the holiday the Carnival ends and Lent begins. To make matters worse (or better), according to an old superstition, those who don’t eat at least one doughnut on Fat Thursday will have bad luck for the whole year!

In contrast, those who eat too many sweets can bring bad luck on themselves associated with indigestion just hours after Fat Thursday. Not to mention gaining the extra weight.

So let’s eat doughnuts, but with moderation.

Bon appetit!