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Advertising award for the ad spot for Gdańsk!

A video clip from the "Week Ends in Gdańsk!" campaign has won an award at the 18th edition of The Golden City Gate international festival. The annual gala is held during the ITB tourism fair in Berlin.


Fot. Maciej Nicgorski

The ad spot is a key element of the international marketing campaign carried out last autumn. It emphasizes the advantages of Gdańsk: its openness, accessibility, rich and versatile offer – even for the most demanding tourists. A city that can impress not only on summer sunny days, but also in autumn and winter. 

The clip is made in the fairy-tale convention where Gdańsk is depicted as a magical, mysterious place... The protagonists are people of all ages who encounter intriguing situations during their stay in the City of Freedom. The plot is complemented by an original musical piece composed by Marek Kuczyński, a respected local creator of film scores, as well as theatre and live music.

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The campaign on Lonely Planet (1.7 million views), Instagram (580 thousand views), Facebook and Google AdWords (almost 5 million views) focused on the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Creative parcels sent to journalists from selected foreign media outlets were an important element of the image. The parcels contained items that are charasteristic for Gdańsk, yet unobvious: a piece of mooring rope, a vial with sand, amber and a bottle of Goldwasser liqueur. The most popular part of the campaign was a single frame from the video along with an invitation to visit Gdańsk displayed on a big screen... on Times Square!