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Gdansk University of Technology not only educates, but also impresses!

Gdansk University of Technology is among the top 10 in the prestigious ranking list of the most beautiful universities of the Old Continent. Our university was ranked 6th in the list of The Times Higher Education weekly magazine.


Technical University of Gdansk
Technical University of Gdansk
Fot. Krzysztof Krzempek / Politechnika Gdańska

Surely the most impressive elements which attract attention to the main building are rich decorations, excellent Dutch Renaissance Revival architecture, and almost ideal proportions. The 114-year-old building fascinates for its design, which pays attention to the smallest detail. The gargoyles made from copper sheet and the figures that support them are made perfectly, even imitating their fingernails and hair.

The designer of the university (then known as Königliche Preussische Technische Hochschule), Albert Carsten, created a real work of construction art. Each part of the building is marked with characteristic details – e.g. lightning bolts, chemical symbols, and even the periodic table from 1901! Certainly a personal intervention of Kaiser Wilhelm II turned out to be very helpful – he proposed changes and amendments which contributed to the final appearance of the building.

Apart from Gdańsk, the ranking included the universities in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, Ireland and Russia.

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