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  • Miasto Gdańsk
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Get ready for a real shocker! Gdansk is… beautiful.

What is well known to citizens of Poland, is not necessarily true for residents of Western Europe. A “Mirror” reporter Sue Jolly, experienced a real shock when she came to Gdansk, full of stereotypical images but left fully in love with our city.


Gdansk is by no means a boring, grey and industrial city
Gdansk is by no means a boring, grey and industrial city
Fot. GTO

Sue openly admits, that as most of her fellow British men and women she knew little of Gdansk and Poland. Now however all has changed as she visited a city that was supposed to be  a grey, boring and cold shipyard place that could only be recommended to someone we don’t really like, but proved to be quite a gem.  Unfortunately the statement “blessed those whose have not seen, yet believe” hardly works in tourism, so it is vital to help our guests in discovering Gdansk. One the come, all is sealed. They soon fall in love with the city, return and recommend. And Sue Jolly was no exception.

She was enchanted by beautiful, Dutch-like architecture, blissful cuisine and long, sandy beaches. She also loved Polish beer and ice-cream. And those convenient prices…

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