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Wishing You a Sweet Christmas!

There is a reason why Christmas in Poland have such a unique character and atmosphere. One of the most important part of Christmas is cooking and culinary dishes and among them there is also a place for sweets. That’s why, unique Gdańsk sweets are a perfect (and very tasty) idea for a gift.


Have a taste of Gdansk for Christmast
Have a taste of Gdansk for Christmast
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

Do you want to present someone with a sweet surprise? Or maybe are you looking for an idea for a gift? Gdańsk Tourism Organisation is happy to help. We offer special Gdańsk sweets. We have chocolates; milk and dark, pralines and caramels.

Always delicious - Gdańsk chocolates from the series called “The Flavours of Tradition” in wrappings with the beautiful graphics of the city from over a century. They are sold in milk and dark versions. Both kinds cost 6 PLN gross per wrapping.

The offer is complemented by delicacies from “The Sweet Gdańsk” product line. This series is adorned with the beautiful graphics by the artist Magda Beneda and the historical descriptions by professor A. Januszajtis. You will also find chocolates in such flavours as “whisky and coffee” and “marzipan”. The latter flavour connotes with Christmas in particular. Chocolates can be bought by 10 PLN gross per wrapping.

Pralines and caramels, on the other hand, are delicious sweets in the colourful wrappings. Caramels cost 10 PLN gross, and pralines are sold by 12 PLN gross.

All products were made in cooperation with “Bałtyk” Chocolate Factory and the Gdańsk painter Magda Beneda.

We highly recommend this product and encourage you to contact us.