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Information at arm’s length – new Tourist Information points

Beginning 15th of June two new Tourist Information points will join the three already existing (airport, main railway station and Długi Targ st.). This time the locations are: Gdansk ZOO and Sobieszewska Island.


New TI points will be opened on long June weekend and then on the next weekend (24th and 25th). Starting July, they will be operational daily till 31st of August. Opening hours: 9.00 am – 5 p.m.

New TI in ZOO can be found just next to the main gate (opposite ticket offices) and on Sobieszewska Island at Turystyczna st. 1.

New TI point in ZOO
New TI point in ZOO
Fot. Bartłomiej Barski

You will receive all the info about Gdansk and advice on how to spend your free time at our TI points. Moreover, we will be selling Gdansk gadgets and souvenirs. As with all other TI points you will be able to purchase Tourist Cards at the new points.

Feel free to visit us. We know (almost) all about Gdansk!