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Lonely Planet is walking around Gdańsk

One of the biggest and the most established tourist publishing houses in the world decided to visit our Gdańsk. The Lonely Planet’s journalist, Tim Richards, spent several days here. What especially attracted his attention while he was wandering around the streets of the City of Neptune?


One of the recommendations - Mariacka street
One of the recommendations - Mariacka street
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organization

Lonely Planet is a brand that is recognised and valued by the travellers globally. Apart from the publishing house, the brand also leads the popular website on which we can find tips, descriptions of places and  extremely beautiful pictures. The LP’s reporter — Tim Richards received a task of getting to know Gdańsk and describing its attractions. He took his task very seriously which resulted in the richly illustrated ARTICLE about our city.

What impressed the traveller in particular was, primarily, remarkable architecture and the atmosphere of the city where the old traditions blend with modernity. The route chosen by Tim is rather a classic one. Firstly, the Main and the Old Town, the Museum of the Second World War and the European Solidarity Centre. This is Gdańsk in a nutshell — especially interesting for travellers who only have 1 or 2 days for visiting the city.

However, the wandering isn’t over yet. The author also recommends the post-shipyard areas and, for those who value peace and relaxation, Oliwa, with its park and cathedral, and the Sobieszewo Island. It is also worth mentioning that Tim had a high opinion of the dishes served by Gdańsk restaurants.