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New regulations are coming – plan your shopping

Everyone knows that Gdansk, as the capital city of a metropolis with over one million inhabitants, has a rich offer of products for purchase. Both residents and tourists take advantage of it. We can go shopping practically every day, with the exception of holidays, right? Well, not anymore... A new law, which will apply from March 2018, will change the current state of affairs.


Galeria Bałtycka is the biggest mall in Gdansk
Galeria Bałtycka is the biggest mall in Gdansk
Fot. Dominik Paszliński /

The draft bill on the ban on Sunday trading includes 39 days on which shops will be closed in 2018 due to the ban on trade. From March 2018, stores will be open only on two Sundays a month - the first and the last, and in 2019 they will be open only on the last Sunday of each month. From 1 January 2020, Poland will be banned from trading on all Sundays, with the exception of seven Sundays in the year – three before Christmas and  four on the last Sundays of January, April, June and August when shops organize sales.

A list of large stores and shopping malls, as well as the rules of their functioning can be found HERE.
However, let's remember to shop a little earlier for the products we will need on the weekends in March and following months.

The ban on trade in 2018 will apply on the following days:

Sunday, 11 March,
Sunday, 18 March,
Saturday 31 March, reduced trading hours – until 14:00
1 April (Easter)
8 April
15 April
22 April
13 May
20 May (Green Week)

10 June
17 June

8 July
15 July
22 July

12 August
19 August
9 September
16 September
23 September

14 October
21 October

11 November (Independence Day)
18 November

9 December