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No sleeping – go sightseeing! Enjoy International Museum Day

May is the month in which we celebrate International Museum Day. Because of that, museums are open to visitors also at night! This year, this special night is celebrated on 20 March.


International Museum Day
International Museum Day
Fot. Instytut Kultury Miejskiej

We often hear about shopping centres and large stores organising special discount deals for those who visit at night. We have something much better for you – come and participate in the Long Night of the Museums! On May 20, between 7 PM and 1 AM, the museums of Gdansk and other regional museums can be visited for free, or for a symbolic fee of PLN 1.

Museum visits like this are special not only because of their unusual time. On this amazing day, the institutions often prepare additional entertainment: stagings or reenactments which take place at a unique time and which add an atmosphere of mystery. The museums also display exhibits which cannot be seen every day, and often give access to rooms and corridors known only to staff.

It’s worth noting that other institutions, like small galleries, libraries, and communal culture centres have also prepared interesting events for this day.

The full list of institutions in Gdansk and the region can be found here.

Don’t be surprised if you meet halberdiers walking through the Main City in clothes stylised for the 17th century. The city guards will be patrolling the streets of Gdansk in these unusual uniforms!

Use free city communication

To make sightseeing easier, Gdansk Buses and Trams will be providing free and special public transport:

  • Route 1: Gdansk Glowny – ECS – Muzeum II Wojny Swiatowej – Twierdza Wisloujscie – Westerplatte
  • Route 2: Orunia Dolna (ul. Sandomierska) – Gdansk Glowny – Nowy Port – line served by a historic vehicle, the so-called “cucumber bus”
  • Tram route: Gdansk Głowny – Nowy Port – line served by a historic vehicle

It’s worth noting that some the routes will be served by historic vehicles. A ride in such a vehicle is also quite an attraction in itself.

Come join us – there’s only one day like it!