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St. Patrick has his day!

This day is traditionally 17th March. This year's celebration falls on a Saturday, which is very fortunate. Why is that? Well, there are some traditions associated with the day of the patron of Ireland, St. Patrick... They are so popular that a very large part of the inhabitants of our planet becomes Irish on that one day.


On 17th of March green is obligatory!
On 17th of March green is obligatory!
Fot. Dominik Paszliński /

The first most recognizable symbol of St. Patrick's Day is green. Everything must be green: lights, outfits, curtains, walls and even hair and beer! As for the latter, because St. Patrick is the patron of Ireland, the tradition requires drinking as much of the amber-colored beverage as possible, even though the most popular beer on that day is green.

Apart from that: playful costumes, Irish dances, traditional string music from the Emerald Isle and, of course, Irish whiskey. A great idea for spending a really fun Saturday evening is to follow the trail of the Gdańsk Tourism Organization. We offer you a pilgrimage, but relax! It is a unique pilgrimage, not from church to church, but from pub to pub. There are already 11 facilities on the Craft Beer Trail that serve delicious craft beers across Tri-City. What's more, you can win great prizes, such as beer coasters, beer savers, beer T-shirts and beer glasses, by collecting stamps of the trail!

It is worth mentioning that some of our partners prepared special attractions on the occasion of St. Patrick's Day.

Here you will find a list of pubs on the CRAFT BEER TRAIL and links to websites where you can find more information about their events.

And remember! God's commandment makes it clear, “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy”.

Long story short - have fun!