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The Port of Gdańsk breaks another record!

This year, the Port of Gdańsk anticipates the arrival of as many as 74 cruise ships. The ships will be calling at the port from April 18 to September 20. The first to appear is Astoria, a liner sailing under the Portuguese flag, measuring 160 meters in length and the tonnage equal to 16.144 GT.


The record has already been set in 2017, when almost 70 vessels arrived at the port. According to the List of cruise ships notified for 2018, the record is about to be broken once again. The vessels sailing under the Norwegian flag are the largest among the listed units, reaching almost 230 meters in length and over 47.000 GT of tonnage. In addition, we are going to welcome the cruise ships incoming under the ensigns of Bahamas, Malta, Marshall Islands, Italy, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and France. 

In order to respond to the expectations of the cruise ships’ guests and to accommodate the needs of tourists, GOT, in partnership with the Port of Gdańsk Authority, decided to set up a mobile tourist information point on the quayside.


Starting from may, it is going to provide the visitors with information on Gdańsk, available in multiple languages. Guidebooks, maps and souvenirs will be sold here as well. It is worth noting that steady increase in numbers of tourists visiting Gdańsk is a result of the partnership between GOT and the Port of Gdańsk Authority, shared within the framework of Cruise Baltic organization, which unites 29 cities/ports in the Baltic Sea region.

It is also worth remembering that in the next few years the Port of Gdańsk will undergo throughout reconstruction and modernization, that will in effect allow for arrival of even greater number of units, of even greater size.

In other words – soon again, this year’s record will also be broken. Way to go!