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The Sweetest Day of the Year

That is, of course, April 12th, which is known as the World Chocolate Day


Sweets from Gdansk
Sweets from Gdansk
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organization

When it comes to sweetness, not many days can compete with the chocolate day. Well, maybe except Fat Thursday, and although both of the holidays are a living nightmare to dietitians, the flavors, however, are distinct.
Chocolate has been with us for over 200 years. Its most essential ingredient is of course cocoa, which came from South America, but ever since the discovery of this delicacy, thousands of its variations have been created. Nevertheless, we still distinguish three main flavors: milk, dark and white chocolate, although recently the fourth flavor has been reportedly invented – ruby chocolate. Sadly, we don't know how it tastes like – we still didn't have a chance to try it.
Anyway, you can easily find equally strange inventions on the store shelves. Forget the classics like raisins and nuts. Now you can also buy chocolates with salt in it, hot peppers and even Japanese horseradish... but still – there's no accounting for taste.
It's worth mentioning that some chocolate-related products are completely unedible. After all, there are creams and chocolate soaps. That's not all, though! You can even take a chocolate bath, if you wish!
If you want to learn more about chocolate and its connections with Gdańsk, we recommend reading a recently published book by Mieczysław Abramowicz, about which you can read more HERE.

Gdańsk Tourist Organization appreciates the power of chocolate. There's a good reason why we produced some sweet delicacies in collaboration with Chocolate Factory ''Bałtyk.'' Both dark and milk chocolates, either pure or stuffed. In addition to that, there's also several types of pralines – another words: there's something for everyone.
Convince yourself HERE.