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Tourist Card 2017 – more interesting, more fun!

Starting from May 2017 the Tourist Card available through the Gdansk Tourism Organisation becomes even more attractive! There are new, favourable discounts, free admissions and unique attractions only for the Card holders. Read on and discover what we have prepared for you.


Tourist Card - even more attractive!
Tourist Card - even more attractive!
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organisation

First, though, the Tourist Card is a package of free admissions to museums and the Zoo, as well as discounts for cultural facilities, entertainment venues and restaurants, tailored specifically for your needs. You can also use the Card to top up your Metropolitan Transport Ticket and enjoy all public transport options throughout the Tri-City. The Card not only saves you time and money, it is your guarantee of a wonderful stay in Gdansk.

-Last year we received highly positive feedback from many visitors from all over the world. Tourists appreciate the Card as a handy tool and appreciate the related savings: things that are not to easy to get in other cities. The quality of the Card is further confirmed by the official recommendation of the Polish Tourism Organisation - says Łukasz Wysocki, President of the Gdansk Tourism Organisation.

Significantly, the latest version of the Card offers some unique privileges, such as unique access to climb the vantage point on St. John's Church. In addition, the Card allows you to enjoy a cruise to Westerplatte combined with a vista of Gdansk from the water, as well as the option to cruise around Gdansk Bay on board one of the Premium Yachting vessels. You can also see the sights of Gdansk during a guided kayak tour (!), or get a discount to visit the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre (with a guide as well).

The Tourist Card offers a choice of packages, for 24, 72 or 120 hour periods. The latest release includes the following packages:


Enjoy our custom selection of attractions that you can enjoy with your whole family. Interactive exhibitions, learning and entertainment centres – with the Tourist Card you can be sure that your children will not get bored! Whether they have the soul of an explorer, love animals or just want to play and have fun – they will remember their stay in Gdansk as a unique experience.


If you are passionate about sightseeing then we have a unique package of attractions to satisfy even your greatest thirst for knowledge. Archaeology, history, maritime topics, nature and art: they are all intertwined in Gdansk and with the Tourist Card you can experience them all. Feel the spirit of adventure: look at the city from above, discover new places, and fall in love with Gdansk!


If you know that your stay in Gdansk will often involve public transport, then choose the Tourist Card with the Transport Package. This gives you a Metropolitan Transport Ticket for the entire public transport system (buses, trams, trolleybuses and the Fast Urban Railway (SKM)) in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. But there is more! The package also entitles you to gain some attractive discounts at a number of cultural and entertainment venues as well as a dozen partner restaurants.

Last but not least, it is worth adding that you can also visit the places on the Tourist Card trail using the SmartTour application. Just select a convenient route for you to explore, and use the navigation option to guide you to the various sights.

For more detailed information on the new packages, seasonal packages, partners, options and price lists, visit our site.