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Tourist Information

St. Dominic’s Fair comprises hundreds of stalls, a wide range of products and about 6 million visitors! In order to know your way around the times and places of that huge event, it is worth paying a visit to one of the GTO’s tourist information points. We offer information and materials about both Gdansk and the Fair.

Tourist Information/the Fair information point by Zlota Brama (Golden Gate)
Tourist Information/the Fair information point by Zlota Brama (Golden Gate)
Gdansk Tourism Organization

Where to find us?

Gdansk Tourism Organization opens four additional tourist information points for the duration of St. Dominic’s Fair. Come and ask away!

  • main point on Targ Węglowy / by the Golden Gate 
  • Długi Targ Street / next to Neptun Fontain
  • Szeroka Street

All point are open 11.00-19.00, from 28.07.2018 till 19.08.2018.

Many attractions by the Golden Gate!

The main Tourist Information point, as well as main Fair's information, is the one by the Golden Gate. Here you can get information abot Fair and Gdansk and buy Tourist Card.

Tourist Card - Your way through the city!
Tourist Card - Your way through the city!
Gdansk Tourism Organization

You can also buy unique, Gdansk's souvenirs:

  • Gdansk gadgets
  • products form the Gdansk confectionery line
  • "Look at Gdansk" porcelain line by Gdansk's artist Magda Beneda
  • t-shirts and bags from Gdansk Hewelion Lion line
  • other suvenirs like postcards, bags, etc with Gdansk elements

VisitGdansk - all information tourist need!

Where to sleep? See the Hotels in Gdańsk that are worth staying at.
Where to eat? See the restaurants with good food.
You will also find comprehensive information on the attractions in Gdańsk and the Tourist Card. is your way to handle Gdańsk. 

Tourist Information Points

Gdańsk Tourist Information Centre 
Długi Targ str. 28/29, Gdansk 80-830
phone: 58 301 43 55

opening hours: 9 am – 7 pm / 7 days a week

Tourist Information in the Madison Shopping Gallery
Rajska 10 Street 
7 days a week

opening hours: Monday - Saturday 09:00-19:00 Sunday 10:00-19:00 (also on trade free Sundays)

Tourist and Airport Information at the Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk-Rębiechowo 
Słowackiego 210 str., Gdansk 80-298
Tourist information: 58 348 13 68 
Information on arrivals and departures: 525 673 531 / 801 066 808

opening hours: 24 h (each day)