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Twice on the podium!

Gdansk took an excellent second position in the ranking of provincial capitals having the best reputation in the opinion of Poles. Interestingly, our city also won second place in the category of those cities most preferable to visit and recommend in Poland.


Gdansk-twice on the podium!
Gdansk-twice on the podium!
Fot. Dominik Paszliński z

100 points was the maximum score in the survey conducted on the behalf of the 'Premium Brand' foundation. Gdansk earned 72 points (matching Wroclaw), but was outdistanced by Krakow by... a single point! Gdansk took second place last year as well.

Another survey considered the number of visits and recommendations. We were pleased to hear that so many people wanted to visit and recommend us. We took second place in this competition as well, being only outdistanced by Warsaw, with the bronze medal going to Krakow.

The surveys confirm Gdansk's previous successes, such as in the internationally prestigious competition 'European Best Destinations', where we won third place, overtaking such giants as London, Paris and Vienna.

Are we going to take first place next year? We shall see, but we believe we stand a good chance. Fingers crossed!