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Children are not bored in Gdansk – 10 greatest attractions!!

Gdansk loves children. Children are wonderful discoverers. They notice what we, adults, can miss. Everything fascinates, amazes and interests them.  They treat adults as guides who can show them most interesting corners of the world and answer hundreds of questions. Joint excursions to unique places are perfect learning opportunities.  Where can you find them? Everywhere in Gdańsk! Museums, galleries, playgrounds – all of them created especially for the youngest. Do not wait! Come and have fun!

Blue Lamb (1/9)

Blue Lion Archeological Education Centre
Blue Lion Archeological Education Centre
Fot. Karol Stańczak

Blue Lamb Archeological Education Centre

If your kid dreams about the career of Indiana Jones, loves stories and secrets the Blue Lion Archeological Education Centre will be a perfect place for playing for it.  The museum was established in the only preserved granary in Gdansk where the original entablature from the 17th century still exists. Therefore, the surroundings have a unique ambience creating an appropriate mood for the joint excursion. The Blue Lion is also an excellent place for a future knight. If your kid cannot easily part with sword, take it to the “Hanzeatic Street” that shows the true fact of medieval Gdansk; one can see stalls and workshops of that time there, feel the smells of the ancient city and listen to the town noise. The Centre is equipped with interactive and multimedia exhibitions that effectively encourage the kids to play. They are a perfect educational tool that inspires, makes it possible to “touch” the medieval reality and encourages one to learn more about the topic. They have an interesting design and carefully selected contents adapted to the cognitive abilities of a child. Everything is prepared with minute attention to detail. A mini archaeological site is an additional attraction of the museum; numerous treasures are hidden there and wait to be discovered by your little archaeologist. Do you want to know more? Go to