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International Street and Open-Air Theatres Festival — FETA

 FETA is a theatrical event which has been held regularly since 1997 in Gdańsk. FETA is a festival which wanders in parts of the town requiring a stimulus for changes. It promotes municipal revitalisation activity and expands it into the most important domain — the social sphere.


FETA is one of the biggest, the most significant and the most recognised open-air theatrical festivals in Poland and our part of Europe. It enables Gdańsk residents and tourists to become familiar with the most valuable phenomena and trends in the contemporary open-air theatre, both Polish and international. In addition, it is a unique festival country-wise which keeps to traditional line in presenting street and open-air theatre.

FETA offers viewers of different ages and of various level of education a valuable theatrical offer, rich in original means of artistic expression used for commenting on contemporary reality and encouraging reflection. The event gives everyone an easy access to international art and increases the degree to which the society participates in culture.

FETA comes back where it had been organised for five years preceding the move to the area of Góra Gradowa. The regulars of the festival are unanimous in claiming that it is the best venue for the event in the history of the festival.

At present FETA with its flourish and growing interest among the residents faces new challenges. The festival has to, or should, involve bigger areas of the town. This is why the coming edition has been planned in two parts of the town – in Stare Przedmieście and Dolne Miasto situated nearby.

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