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A mobile quest application gdansk4play is a free mobile application with quests or unmarked and untypical tourist routes.


Users of the application complete the trails by following the instructions hidden in a verse. They have to answer questions or solve riddles in selected locations in order to move forward. In this manner, they collect points whose amount and the time they need to complete the trail determine their final place in the ranking.

Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

We want the gdansk4play application to be an alternative form of sightseeing in Gdańsk. It is worth stressing that it is not supposed to replace human guides but rather to be a new sightseeing idea. By participating in our quests, you can discover many interesting places that even the local inhabitants do not know about. The questing combines components of scouts’ paper chase and outdoor games and this form of sightseeing can be great fun.

The application is available in Polish, English, German and Russian.

The projects was prepared by the Gdańsk Tourist Organization and received additional funding from the Ministry of Sports and Tourism.

The Gdańsk Tourist Organization launched its first city application gdansk4uMOBILE in 2012. We know today that it was worth it to create such a mobile tourist guide; this is why we decided to initiate another project. We are sure of one thing: you should not rush with the preparation of such an application. It has to be made very carefully and according to an interesting formula in order to be able to exist on the market.

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