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13th Hewelion joins the Route

On 10 August, during St. Dominic’s Fair, the 13th Hewelion Lion figurine was unveiled in Kobzdej Square. This one is a merchant lion, funded by the AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre.

13th Hewelion Joins the Route
13th Hewelion Joins the Route
Gdansk Tourism Organization

The Hewelion Lion is the hero of a route mapped out by Gdansk Tourism Organisation. Small Hewelions can be found in various places, each with their own names and attributes. The one in the zoo in Oliwa has a backpack, the one on Stadion Energa Gdansk is wearing cleats and holding amber, while the one at the airport has a pilot’s jacket and cap. Previously there were only twelve figurines, but now the thirteenth one joins the happy group - the Merchant Hewelion funded by the AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre.

His attributes include a booth with many goods and a pouch filled with money. The figurine is 50 cm high and weighs 50 kg. The merchant lion has one more incredible skill – he will be changing his location. After the unveiling as part of St. Dominic’s Fair he will remain at the Gdansk Tourism Organisation office (28/29 Dlugi Targ Street, open 9:00 am to 7:00 pm). In winter we will see him at the Christmas Market, and then for spring and autumn he will move to AMBEREXPO.

The sculpture is made of bronze, by that Gdansk sculptor Tomasz Radziewicz.

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