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6 hidden tourist attractions in Gdansk

Gdansk is well known for its architecture, beaches and broad range of museums as well as both cultural and sports facilities. But what happens when you have done all those and have run out of ideas for your next adventure? We are here to help, with 6 hidden places that are well-worth visiting. There is no time for boredom in Gdansk!


Paintball – fun exercise!

How about shooting each other, with guns that do not hurt anyone, using small balls of paint (although it is not absolutely painless).

3Town Paintball offers you this experience, in a building with a floor area of 3000 m2, part of the former U-boat factory at 1 Doki Street in Gdansk, within the Gdansk Shipyard. It features many bunkers, corridors and columns, as well as colourful lighting. It is like participating in a computer game.

You can play paintball 24/7, 365 days a year. Anyone at least 18 years old can participate, but those who are younger also get a chance to play. They just need their parent’s or guardian’s permission.

A group must consist of at least 10 players, while with a group of 20 you can have the whole area to yourself. You can have up to 50 players at once!

Find out more at: http://www.3townpaintball.pl/pl/

3Town Paintball
3Town Paintball


Let’s play badminton!

Badminton, racquets – one can count the people who know nothing about this game on the fingers of one hand, no matter how they call it. Most of us remember badminton from our childhood, playing it on grass – at the lakes, in the mountains, on summer camps, with family and with friends. In a word – with everyone and everywhere. From today there is a place on the Tri-City map designed exclusively for this game. The Badminton Club was created in the Garrison district in Gdansk.

The club is located at 7a Slowackiego Street, near the Smart Hotel. The building consists of two parts:
the ground floor featuring 9 professional courts, two changing rooms and toilets. On the mezzanine is the cardio zone, which we can use to prepare our body for the game, and the club room – a space designed for relaxation and integration with other players.

Nowadays, badminton is experiencing something of a renaissance. More teams are being formed, both professional and amateur, and the fact that this sport has found its place in Gdansk is especially satisfying.

Find out more at: www.badmintongarnizon.pl and the Badminton Garnizon Facebook page.

Badminton Garnizon
Badminton Garnizon


Skimondo – schussing on demand

Do you ever feel like skiing when there is no snow outside? No problem – in Gdansk you can schuss all year round. Skimondo is a modern indoor dry ski slope, open all year round. You can ski whatever the weather, without having to wait for snow or even driving to the mountains.

The modern dry ski slope is the only such winter sports centre in Tri-City. Here you can master skiing and snowboarding quickly, training under the watchful eye of experienced and skilled instructors licensed by PZN (Polish Ski Association).

Play, train and learn to both ski and snowboard, all year round in the heart of the Tri-City. It is the best way to prepare for the winter season. Moreover, you can also rent the equipment you need. The dry slope allows you to cover 4 km in about 10 minutes.

Find out more at: http://skimondo.pl/



JumpCity – another attraction for sports enthusiast

Jumpcity Gdansk is the biggest trampoline park in the Tri-City. Here, with 2000 m2 available, dreams do come true and gravity can be defied!
A huge sponge pool, the biggest sport trampoline in northern Poland, acrobatic routes, trampolines featuring baskets for practising dunk shots, dodgeball arena, gladiator area and air track – all this makes JUMPCITY a great place for spending your free time.

It also has a food and beverage area, with high quality Italian coffee and a varied menu featuring healthy snacks. Spacious changing rooms with showers and electronic lockers are convenient. The coaches can teach you how to do a flip while all staff share their passion for bouncing on trampolines.

The biggest attraction in the park is undoubtedly the Super Squad Trampoline, at 4.26 m x 4.26 m, which is more than 18 m2. On it you can achieve the highest jumps in the park, and it is a perfect place for acrobats and freestylers for whom the ability to control their body while in the air is as important as it is on firm ground. Not only do big trampolines give more spring, there is also more space for landing!

It is okay if you are not experienced. There are plenty of smaller, less-challenging trampolines waiting for you.

Find out more at: https://gdansk.jumpcity.pl/

Jumpcity Gdańsk
Jumpcity Gdańsk


Vantage points – a break to enjoy the views

Once you tire of physical activities, it is time to see more of Gdansk, but not necessarily from street level. And there is no need to board a helicopter or a plane to do so as Gdansk has 12 excellent viewpoints. The most famous of these are Pacholek and Gora Gradowa, while the more recent ones are gradually gaining on them in popularity. Some of the most recent viewpoints can be found at:

  • Biskupia Gorka
  • Wzgorze Mickieicz
  • Jaskowa Dolina park
  • Orunia

The latest addition is “Jerzy”, which is located in the moraine hills near the Stara Orunia lake.

It was named after Jerzy Samp, a famous writer who was also enthusiastic about Gdansk, especially Orunia where he lived and wrote. The viewpoint overlooks an amazing panorama of Kashubia and nearby Zulawy Wislane.

Vantage Point George  (Jerzy)
Vantage Point "George" (Jerzy)


Libraries are always up to date

In the era of smartphones, computers and tablets, reaching out for books may seem a bit strange (especially for younger people). The truth is nothing will replace a book for many years (if ever).
We would like to call attention to the impressive collection at the Regional and Municipal Public Library in Gdansk, located at 5/6 Targ Rakowy Street.

So why not visit the library, and choose a book you find interesting. You have 30 days to read it – which is plenty of time. The library on a regular basis organises workshops, exhibitions, lectures and meetings with people from the cultural world, and these are really worth attending. Especially when we can meet the author of a book we have read or are planning to read.

The library moves with the times, so we can learn everything at http://www.wbpg.org.pl/.

The website enables us to open an account in just a few clicks, enjoy access to a huge book database and check which books and genres are currently available. The website also includes updates on the library’s activities and the event it hosts.

Libraries in Gdansk
Libraries in Gdansk


Perhaps you have some other ideas for spending your free time in Gdansk, beside our “classics”? All in all, every way of discovering Gdansk is good, as long as you enjoy it!