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Battle of the Breweries 2017 settled!

It may surprise many people, but in a positive way! The final of this year’s battle of the breweries, which took place on December 14th in Cathead Multitap bar in the Old Town, did not select a male winner. It selected a female winner! Asia Roman turned out to be unrivalled in beer brewing. And it would seem that beer is a man thing…


Brewer's Battle
Brewer's Battle
Fot. BP

Another final is behind us, however the organisers are already preparing for the 2018 edition. The battles in the 2018 season will take place in the multitap bar Cathead at Powroźnicza Street.

There will be 8 double duels in the eliminations. Next there will be 2 duels, four-person semi-finals and a traditional two-person finale. In total, 11 battles are planned with the finale in November. The novelty is that three professional brewers from Tricity’s restaurant breweries will take part in the battles in the new year:

·         Wojtek Piasecki - Browar Port Gdynia

·         Artur Puszkarczuk - Browar Sopot

·         Tomasz Biegański - Brovarnia Gdańsk

Together with the organisers the bar is planning additional attractions such as special snacks served to a particular beer style in which a given battle will take place. In addition: tastings, special guests and sales of unique beers.