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Gdansk Shakespeare Festival with a prestigious distinction

EFFE Award 2017-2018 was given to a director Jerzy Limon and his group on the evening of 18 September, at an official gala in Brussels. Gdansk Shakespeare Festival is the only festival in Poland and one of five of that kind in Europe to receive this prestigious award.


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In the finale, Gdansk Shakespeare Festival was one of the 26 candidates for the award. The jury decided that it should also be among the winners. The award was handed out at the Centre of Fine Arts – BOZAR in Brussels. What was the reason for handing out the award to this particular festival? It is best to quote the jury’s argumentation: “All Shakespeare performances presented at Gdansk Shakespeare Festival are characterised by high artistic level and diversity. Moreover, Gdansk Shakespeare Festival initiated the creation of European Shakespeare Festivals Network (ESFN) which fosters cultural cooperation in Europe and worldwide. The organiser of the festival, the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, conducts extremely valuable and consistent educational activity in the whole region throughout the year. The theatre has recently been opened but it already became one of the new symbols of the city. The Gdansk Shakespeare Festival is the important artistic event which made its name for itself and has a well-established international position”.

Other laureates of EFFE Award 2017-2018 are:

  • FMM Sines - Festival Músicas do Mundo, Portugal
  • European Film Festival Palic, Serbia
  • Utrecht Early Music Festival, the Netherlands
  • Altofest International Contemporary Live Arts, Italy

Cordial congratulations to all the winners!

Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

Held continuously since 1997, Gdansk Shakespeare Festival is one of the biggest international theatrical events in Europe, one of that kind in Poland and widely recognised worldwide. Its history goes back to 1993, when the Theatrum Gedanense Foundation organised the first Gdansk Shakespeare Days which later transformed into Gdansk Shakespeare Festival, during the celebration of Gdansk’s millennium.

Currently, Gdansk Shakespeare Festival is held annually during Summer in Tricity. It is organised cooperatively by the Foundation and the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, and it has held nearly 800 events presented by 220 different theatre groups from over 40 countries.