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Help us build the Chodowiecki & Grass House: take the survey

In 2020 a new cultural institution, the Chodowiecki & Grass House, will be created in Gdansk. The initiators of this project dedicated to these two exceptional individuals, both associated with our city, are collecting opinions and suggestions to determine how the building should look and what it should offer tourists and visitors. Take part by answering our 13 questions!


Sieroca street - house entrance
Sieroca street - house entrance
Fot. Dominik Paszliński/

The institution will be located on Sieroca Street, in an old, 17th-century orphanage building. It will hold permanent exhibitions of artists' works, events such as workshops, lectures and conferences to promote the fields of art in which both worked, as well as debates on art and identity. There will be also a residential program for artists.

By answering the survey questions, everyone can play a part in the process of forming the appearance of the building and the activities that take place there. All you have to do is visit the Chodowiecki & Grass House website and answer 13 short questions.

Go ahead and take the survey!