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Sobieszewo Island – picturesque and unique!

There is much more to Gdansk than the multicultural history with which it has always been associated. One such charming, yet still undiscovered, site is Sobieszewo Island. The island, known as the green lungs of the city, is a peaceful oasis for those who seek to spend their time away from the bustling beaches in the centre.


Family holidays in the great outdoors: point-of-view (POV) shots of the camping sites, the forest, the beach, bicycles and sailing boats are the leitmotivs of the latest commercial showing the beauty and uniqueness of Sobieszewo Island.

Green and peaceful, a paradise for those looking to get in touch with nature – this is the side of the island we wanted to explore in our latest production, says Anna Zbierska, the head of the Promotion and Communication Department of Gdansk City Council. Sobieszewo Island is a place attracting both tourists and locals, sunbathers and nature lovers alike, as well as those who prefer being active. It is a perfect place for sailors, cyclists, bird-watchers and amber collectors. Sobieszewo Island is a truly unique place. Not only in the summer.

In the video, we wanted to present Sobieszewo as the perfect place to unwind and break away from the hustle and bustle of the civilisation, from typical urban attractions. We have managed to capture the spontaneous joy brought by communing with nature and with your close ones, says Tomasz Zasada, the director of the video.

In 2018, Gdansk will be hosting the centennial of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association and possibly also World Scout Jamboree 2023 and the European Guide and Scout Conference in 2021, which we will find out on August 16 of this year. This is why 2017 is unofficially the year of Sobieszewo Island – the construction of a new bridge has begun and a new cycling lane is going to be built. 

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