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The Procession of the Three Kings will march through Gdańsk!

The colorful Procession of the Three Kings will go through the streets of Gdansk on January 6th. Take part in this event and embark on this symbolic journey.


The Procession of the Three Kings
The Procession of the Three Kings

January 6th is the Epiphany day. On this ocassion, a procession will march through the streets of Gdańsk. The procession sets off from St. Mary’s Church on Saturday at 12 PM. Then the participants will walk through the streets of the Old Town – Piwna St.,Tkacka St., and Długa St., all the way to the Long Market, where on stage at the Green Gate it will be possible to see the Holy Family in the stable. The procession will feature other attractions, such as a fight between Good and Evil (i.e. angels and demons on stilts fighting against each other next to the Neptune’s Fountain), a scene with Herod shown on the windows of the Great Armory, a crib with live animals, and an angelic choir at the Golden Gate. The Metropolitan Archbishop of Gdańsk, Sławoj Leszek Głódź, took patronage over the procession of the Three Kings. It directly refers to the tradition of street nativity plays. The procession is led by three kings representing three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. They ride on their mounts, dressed in rich robes. Their entourage includes hundreds of children dressed in colourful clothes, which symbolise their belonging to one of the three continents.

The procession in Gdańsk is a part of a nationwide event organised mainly by the Orszak Trzech Króli Foundation. In 2017, the procession of the Three Kings passed through over 500 cities all over Poland, as well as 21 cities outside the country. In Gdańsk the procession is organised by the SUM Gdańsk Association and Cultural Association for Education and Development Support (SKWER), which runs three educational institutions: “Fregata” Nursery School, “Fregata” Primary School for Girls and “Fregata” Primary School for Boys.

All shopping centres in Poland are closed on that day.