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We gladly inform, that official tourism website of Gdansk:, has just started a cooperation with one of the biggest websites and booking systems in the world – Every tourist can now decide by himself, whether to make direct booking at a website of a chosen venue or use

A is a leading tourism industry player is a leading tourism industry player
Fot. GTO

Every visitor to our website will notice that some changes were introduced. Those might look unimportant at first glance, but actually play a key role. From now on, in the section “Where to stay”, new buttons appear. Thanks to them, one is able to book chosen venue through with just 1 click. No matter if in Gdansk, or in its vicinity.

-          “That’s an extra feature and facilitation for tourists. At the same time, it’s a clear sign that is developing. We are very proud of the cooperation with a true industry leader –”, says Łukasz Wysocki, Gdansk Tourism Organization CEO.

This facilitation was introduced especially with tourists in mind and will make decision about venue choosing and a way of booking, even easier.

Check our section “Where to stay” out.