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Young cheetahs have arrived to the Zoo in Gdansk!

They are extremely endangered. Each individual is a maverick that, during a sprint, is able to attain over 100 km/h. Cheetah. The fastest of land mammals, and Gdansk Zoo has just received two young individuals.


Young cheetahs
Young cheetahs
Fot. ZOO in Gdansk

Two young cats, Akin and Thabo, has arrived to Gdansk Zoo from Rostock and are supposed to create a new group.

“Cheetahs in Gdansk inhabit spacious enclosures and the pavilion that before its alteration served as a stable”, says the director of the Zoo, Michał Targowski. “We hope these elegant cats will feel good here and soon after we complete the group with more individuals and a female, we will have cubs”, he adds.

On short distances cheetahs, being the world’s fastest land mammal, need only 3 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, just like Formula 1 bolides! This masterful run is possible thanks to long limbs, elastic spine, relatively small head decreasing air resistance, and big nostrils that enable taking bigger breaths. A long tail helps to maintain a balance while turning. Since cheetahs cannot retract their claws, they have a great deal of grip while chasing. In the natural environment for most of the time cheetahs live apart. Males accompany females only in breeding season. Cheetahs reach the age of up to 19 years. In ancient Egypt they were domesticated for company or hunting.
These wild cats demand a lot of movement. They can enjoy the fresh air even in mild winter thanks to their thick fur – a perfect protection during cold nights on the African savannah.

There already are cheetahs in the zoo in Oliva. Akin and Thabo will join Ngandu, a twelve-year-old Netherlandish male that “had failed to get along” with Rafa, his female companion. There had been some fights in their “marriage” and they did not breed, which is rare in artificial environment anyway.

The patron of the cheetahs from Gdansk Zoo is JUMPCITY trampoline park. More about the possibilities of supporting animals of Gdansk Zoo can be found HERE.