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A bird’s eye view of Gdansk

Thanks to the latest in aerial maps, everyone can visit Gdansk from the comfort of their own home. The photographs were taken from a special plane, which flew over the city last Spring at an altitude of more than 1 km. The accuracy of the maps is incredible, greatly surpassing other similar tools available on the Internet in terms of their sheer quality.



It is also worth noting that the photos from this year have been juxtaposed with those taken in previous years. This makes it possible to track the changes which have taken place in Gdansk over the last 10 years. Simply pick the year you want, and use the slider. We know that you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how fast our city is developing!

See for yourself: http://gdansk.retromapy.pl

What is more, as well as taking photos, the plane also scanned the area using a special laser. This made it possible to create a 3D map. Now we can get to know Gdansk more accurately – visitors can see the places they plan to visit, and locals can get a better view of the city’s buildings. The map is also an invaluable tool for our emergency services, such as for flood warnings.

Make sure to try the map out. It is great fun, and educational too! Find it here: http://gdansk.ukosne.pl/?hg=560