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A celebration of sport in Gdansk!

Manchester United? Or perhaps Villarreal? The UEFA Europa League Grand Final takes place in Gdansk’s amazing stadium on Wednesday, 26 May at 9:00 PM! Two great teams will be facing off against each other – both household names in football. Who are you rooting for?


We had to wait a long time for this game, which was postponed for an entire year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the wait is finally over. The only things that matter now is the Wednesday match, the two top teams and Gdansk, the host of this final showdown. We are sure that this spectacular clash of football titans will be worth the wait!
The match not only reminds us about the wonderful time we all had during Euro 2012 in Gdansk, but it is also a great opportunity to promote our city. Football fans visiting Gdansk have the chance to discover more about the beautiful City of Neptune, with a history spanning a thousand years. But no match would be complete without being able to celebrate it (or lament about what could have been) with friends, and Gdansk, especially the city centre, offers hundreds of opportunities for that in the form of countless restaurants, pubs and cafés (which are still subject to some restrictions, however).
So that moving around and sightseeing is easier, we have created a unique Tourist Card package – the Football Fan Package, aimed at those who are visiting us to see the final.
More information about this amazing package can be found HERE
A folder containing the most important information is also available, including information on how to reach Gdansk, directions to the stadium and its rules, as well as security guidelines. You can find the folder HERE.

The only thing left now is to count down the days or hours until the whistle finally blows. Gdansk, Wednesday, 26 May. 9:00 PM – the ball is in play. Good luck to both teams!