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A record year at Gdansk’s Airport

It was very close last year, but in the end, did not work out. This year however it has happened and is official – Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport greeted passenger number 5.000.000 in 2019. This is a new record and confirms position no. 2 of Gdansk amongst regional airports in Poland.

Photo: Dominik Paszliński / gdansk.pl


Gdansk’s Airport has been steadily increasing the number of passengers for many years. That’s the main reason a big development project has been lunched – new terminal and parking places as well as a train station were built. What’s more, the development continues with a terminal appendix being constructed. This will increase the capacity of the airport to around 9.000.000 passengers per year.

On 16th of December a passenger no. 5.000.000 in 2019 appeared in Gdansk. There was a small event with local authorities and Ms. Marzena (and her daughter Hania) received gifts including vouchers for a Lufthansa flights.

All that’s left now is to wait for a passenger number 6.000.000. Can it be done already in 2020? Fingers crossed!