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Amber Sky still goes round!

Have you seen the panorama of Gdansk from Amber Sky during the summer? Now you can do this in the autumn... or maybe even winter!


Amber Sky
Amber Sky
Fot. Amber Sky

In June a large Ferris wheel known as Amber Sky was built on the Granary Island in Gdansk. You can see it from as far away as Długa Street and Długi Targ Street. Once you pass the Green Gate, cross the Green Bridge, go along the wooden platform around the island and there it is, next to the ruins of a granary.
Amber Sky has 36 cabins that whisk passengers over 50 metres up into the air! It used to be a summertime attraction but now it runs in the autumn as well and chances are that it will going round during the winter.

The heated cabins guarantee a comfortable ride on cold days. Amber Sky can carry up to 288 people at once. Every ride consists of three revolutions of the wheel and lasts about 15 minutes.

The fees are PLN 25 (full ticket) and PLN 15 (reduced ticket) per ride, but discounts apply for Tourist Card holders. Simply buy your card at an authorised point of sale, select one of the available packages and enjoy discounted admissions to a number of attractions around the city, including Amber Sky.

For more details about the Tourist Card click here.