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Another Hewelion lion joins the Trail!

A new Hewelion lion has appeared in Gdansk – a Mayor who will now live in front of the Madison Shopping Gallery. Together with 10 other Hewelions, it belongs to Gdansk’s Hewelion the Lion Trail.

Hewelion The Lion - Major
Hewelion The Lion - Major
Gdansk Toursim Organization

On Friday, the Hewelion sculpture, made of bronze by a sculptor from Gdansk, Tomasz Radziewicz, will stand in the square near the main entrance to the shopping mall. With his appearance and attributes, Hewelion will refer to the historic function of the mayor. The location of the 50-centimetre sculpture is also not accidental. As it results from archaeological research carried out in 1999–2000 at the confluence of Heweliusz and Rajska streets, most probably, a wooden town hall stood there in the 13th century. Soon, Hewelion the Lion will be telling the residents and tourists about the history of this place through the free iLeo mobile application.

It is worth recalling that Hewelion is a hero of the tourist trail, the originator of which is the Gdansk Tourism Organisation. So far, among other places, the lion has already visited Gdansk Zoological Garden, Energa Gdansk Stadium, Gdansk Pier and Gdansk Airport. The Madison Shopping Gallery is the eleventh place visited by the little lion.

Information about the Hewelion the Lion Trail can be found HERE.