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Another Summer – Another Record!

Just like in previous years, the summer of 2019 in Gdansk turned out to be record-breaking. Nearly 1.1 million tourists visited the land of Neptune, and this means that the number of visitors increased by approximately 3% compared to 2018. There were some surprises too.


The tourist season in Gdansk is all year round as our city is worth visiting any time of year, and in all weathers. Everyone who has been to the capital of Pomerania knows this. Naturally, the summer months of June, July and August are the busiest in terms of tourist traffic. This year during these months, nearly 1.1 million people visited our city. The lion’s share of them were tourists – those who stayed here for at least one night – over 800 000 people. The other ‘visitors’ merely stayed for a day.

Over a third of all tourists came from abroad and this is surprising! Up until now, Germans have constituted the largest group. This has changed however, as they have been superseded by the British at 36% and took second place at 30%. The last place was taken by Russians at 8%. Native tourists, in turn, came mainly from our region (26%), Mazovia Province (15%) and the neighbouring Kujawy-Pomerania Province (8%). The most visited places have not changed. These include the Old and Main Town, the beach and Westerplatte. The other thing that has not changed is the high rank – over 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

We will have a chance to see what the tourist traffic in Gdansk looks like for a whole year. In the meantime, we are enjoying another record-breaking summer.

Check out the infographics here: Tourism in Gdansk in summertime 2019 (1.37 MB)