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National lockdown

Unfortunately, Gdansk, the whole Tri-city and a large part of Pomerania Province are now included in the red pandemic zone. This entails further restrictions. Furthermore a national lockdown is in effect from 28th of December.



[Update 23.12.2020]

National lockdown. New restrictions apply from 28th of December to 17th of January.

  • On the New Year’s evening a curfew will be introduced. On the night: 31 December/1 January, from 7 P.M. till 6 A.M. a travel ban is in effect in the whole country. Some exceptions include essential needs or duties
  • Hotels will be closed, also for business travel
  • Work hotels and agencies of Central Sport Centre will remain operational
  • Till 17th of January all ski slopes will be closed
  • A border quarantine will be in effect – 10 days after border crossing with public transportation
  • Shopping malls will be closed again with the exception of grocery stores, book stores, press stores, pharmacies, chemist stores and large area furniture shops.

All previously introduced restrictions still apply until further notice.


Yellow-zone restrictions were extended to the entire territory of Poland. 38 districts had been marked as red zones, which was extended to 152 districts on Saturday, October 17th. Gdansk (similarly to all capitals of Polish provinces), Sopot and Gdynia are now included in the red zone. In total, 70% of the population of Poland live in red zones.

Restrictions will be valid until revoked.

The most important restrictions in a red zone include:

  • a limit of the number of customers in shops – five people per checkout will be allowed to shop at the same time
  • a ban on organised wedding and funeral receptions (from October 19th)
  • restaurants only working from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., whereby every other table can be occupied and after 9 p.m. they can provide takeaway only,
  • up to one person per seven square metres at religious ceremonies
  • public meetings for up to ten people
  • cultural events with up to 25% of the audience present
  • suspended business activity at swimming pools, gyms and water parks.


We are calling for compliance with the regulations and would like to remind everyone about the obligation to cover your mouth and nose (also in open public spaces) and keep social distance.