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Beautiful and delicious – Gdansk coffee dragees now available!

The “Taste of Tradition” range of Gdansk candy has a new addition to the line-up – and what a great addition it is! Now you can enjoy Gdansk chocolate and coffee dragees. There is so much more to them than just a great taste, however, as the wonderful packaging makes them really stand out.

Gdansk coffee dragees
Gdansk coffee dragees
Gdansk Tourism Organization

The box used for the dragees is truly unique. It is made of wood and depicts a Gdansk tenement. The windows are cut out, resulting in an even more realistic effect. The box can serve as a practical decoration for a kitchen or some other room, and so will continue to serve you long after you have emptied the original contents.
And speaking of the contents, the box contains two packs of dragees, 180 grams each, made by the “Baltyk” chocolate factory. In addition, every “tenement” contains an interesting pamphlet that describes the history of drinking coffee in Gdansk, written by one of the city’s premier historians – Professor Andrzej Januszajtis.

The coffee dragees can be purchased at tourist information stands at the airport, the Madison gallery (10 Rajska St.) and at the Gdansk Tourist Information Centre (28/29 Dlugi Targ St.), starting 29 November. They are also available online at http://sklep.visitgdansk.com/pl/14-slodkie-gdanskie-upominki
The price of the dragees is PLN 41.

You have to admit that you would be hard-pressed to find a better gift this Christmas.