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Beautiful Gothic Architecture in Gdansk

Gdansk would not be the same without its Gothic architecture. Churches built from rusty red brick dominate the Old Town and Main City, as an inseparable element of the city’s landscape for centuries. That is why 20 June is so important to us – it marks the celebration of the Day of Brick Gothic.



Of course Gdansk is not the only city that can boast of its Gothic architecture. There are many other cities that pride themselves on their buildings made from Gothic brick. Many of them are located along the Baltic Sea basin, mostly in Germany, Poland and Denmark. You can learn more about these cities on the European Route of Brick Gothic website: https://www.eurob.org/?lang=pl

The biggest and the most impressive Gothic building is definitely St. Mary's Church – it took over 150 years to build! Several generations worked on the church, and they used over
1 million bricks. But it was worth it – for centuries the building has been recognised as an impressive, fascinating and the biggest brick church in the world!

Hi! Would you like to walk in the footsteps of the Gothic style in Gdansk? Katarzyna Czaykowska will be our guide – she is fascinated with everything related to Gothic. We have prepared a special 25-minute virtual walk, so you can still take it from home.