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Gdansk by bike

Gdansk can be discovered in many ways. One of those is sightseeing by a bicycle. It’s an easy, convenient, safe and pleasant experience. After all, Gdansk is known as Polish bicycle capital with 600 km of special paths built especially for the cyclists.

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If someone still has doubts whether sightseeing  done with a bicycle is a good idea, he or she should definitely watch a movie prepared for tourists who love bicycles. Short movie will take us on a fascinating ride through a 1000-years old hanzeatic city. Together with our guide – Sebastian Małyszczyk we are going to visit iconic places and venues as well as less known locations. The compact size of the Old Town, Main Town and Lower Town is a great ally as those locations are  separated by several kilometres at most. Anyway – see for yourselves and once done watching – hop on a bike and go discovering Gdansk.