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Christmas Fair with winter Tourist Card


Visit Gdansk Christmast Market
Visit Gdansk Christmast Market
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organisation

Feel unique Christmas atmosphere!

Christmas decorations are lining the streets of Gdansk, and Targ Weglowy square has been transformed into a Christmas Fair. This year’s fair appears to be unique for at least three reasons. It will be two days longer than usual, the observation wheel features as one of the main attractions for the first time, and a special Tourist Card package lets you enjoy the fair even more!

Year by year, the event has attracted a growing number of visitors who want to do some pre-Christmas shopping and experience the Christmas mood that vibrates throughout the city, especially on the Targ Węglowy square (Coal Market). Christmas Fair will take place till 23ed December. 

The unique atmosphere is the result of many factors, including illuminated structures, such as the entrance gates, giant baubles and the Christmas lights decorating the trees in every corner of the fair. The Christmas stalls, Meet Santa sessions and carol concerts also contribute to that festive feeling.

The Angels' Mill is erected in the middle of the fair square, featuring a windmill on the top and moving figures of angels and saints.

Every year brings more attractions. Amber Sky panoramic wheel has changed location for a Coal Market. It is a main attraction of Christmas Fair as well as an ice rink just by the wheel.

Sit in a beautifully illuminated fairy-tale coach and have a souvenir photo taken, or take a ride on the Venetian Carousel with its 20 horses that go round and round to the sounds of Christmas music.

Every autumn and winter, the Targ Węglowy square becomes a fairy-tale place with dozens of stalls where you can buy anything from candy and Christmas treats to warm wool socks to handicrafts and toys. The exhibitors come from all over Poland and neighboring countries to sell unique items that are not the run-of-the-mill products available every day.

Mulled wine is being sold in a special edition of the fair mugs to warm up the visitors on cold evenings. The wine is available in a special version for drivers as well (no alcohol). A tourist information point was set up among the stalls, employees from the Gdansk Tourism Organization help tourists to find their way around the city. As usual, the fair is accompanied by a charity project; last year, fundraisers collected donations for the Orphan Children Foundation.

We hope that the fair brings plenty of attractions as well and encourages visitors not just to return for the next edition, but also to check out St. Dominic’s Fair: another, much older event, which is held in summer.

Visit Gdansk Tourism Organization stall no. 24!

Tourist information-stall no. 24
Tourist information-stall no. 24
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organisation

Feel invited to visit Gdansk Tourism Organization stall. Not only will you get all the information about our city here, but you will also buy extraordinary Gdansk souvenirs:

  • “Sweet Gdansk” – unique line of sweets, made in Gdansk chocolate factory “Bałtyk” and wrapped up in beautiful packages prepared by local artist, Magda Beneda
  • Elegant souvenirs from “Look at Gdansk” line: teacups, mugs, cake stands, silk scarfs and pillows
  • Original souvenirs made by “Glinina Kura” (clay hen) with outstanding pictures of Gdansk

And most of all a very special package prepared for Christmas Fair meaning:

Gdansk Tourism Organization - stall no. 24
Gdansk Tourism Organization - stall no. 24
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organisation

Winter package of Tourist Card 

For the duration of the fair, i.e. 3–23 December, the Gdansk Tourism Organization has prepared a special version of Tourist Card - “Winter Package”. That’s a great opportunity to make Gdansk the place, to actively spend this magical time before Christmas!

Remember when we mentioned the huge observation wheel? It’s 50 meters high and gives you a fantastic chance to take a look at an incredible Gdansk panorama, especially after dusk. What’s more, with Tourist Card you will enjoy a discount not only on that attraction but also on the neighboring ice rink!

That’s not all – more discount follow on products sold at stalls: Ale Piernik!/Manufaktura GROT&OWO/Aromatyczny Grzaniec. Amongst them aromatic mulled wine and delicious gingerbread.

We even thought of getting to and out of the fair. Order a taxi at Neptun Taxi and get another discount (20%).

The card even includes a benefit at PURO Hotel. This great 4* hotel, perfectly located, will grant you 15% off rooms price. All you have to do is to follow three easy steps.

  • First - order the winter edition of the card before arrival here.
  • After that, make a booking at Puro, at this site www.en.purohotel.pl/gdansk. After that type promo code „VISITGDA” in the booking panel.
  • And last step – just show the card at the check in.

That’s it. You can now sleep comfortable and cheaper. Even more reason to visit Gdansk in a magical month of December!

But the benefits at the Fair, are only a part of what the card gives you. For those tourists looking for some skiing action, the Tourist Card offers a discount on tickets to the artificial Skimondo ski slope. Cold December evenings provide a welcome opportunity to appreciate the music of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic, or dine out at one of eight partnered restaurants.

By purchasing a Tourist Card offered at promotional prices, you will gain access to an entertainment package which is sure to make the time spent in Gdansk an unforgettable experience. Who wouldn't want to see the City Zoo in Oliwa, the Main Town Hall, or the majestic Crane free of charge? Or how about solving the mysteries of the Enigma Room, having some crazy fun driving go-carts, and jumping on trampolines in the most beautiful stadium in Poland? And that is only the beginning!

Winter package-buy on-line
Winter package-buy on-line
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organisation

As we mentioned, the Tourist Card can be purchased online but also at the following Tourist Information points in Gdansk:

– at Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (ul. Slowackiego 200),

– in the tunnel near Gdansk Central Station (ul. Podwale Grodzkie 8),

– at Gdansk Tourist Information Centre (ul. Dlugi Targ 28/29).

Winter fun in Gdansk is waiting. Check it out yourself!