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Closed national borders, suspended air and rail traffic



Dear Tourists,

A state of epidemic emergency has been announced in Poland. Due to the decision of the government authorities, a temporary ban on entry to Poland for foreigners will be introduced, and all citizens entering the country will be subject to quarantine. International air passenger and rail connections will also be suspended.

These changes will come into force on the night of Saturday to Sunday (14/15 March, 2020).

We will keep you updated on any further developments.



Gdansk Airport initiated an obligatory action to measure the body temperature of every single person arriving at the airport. No-touch thermometers are being used.


Also keep in mind that all shops are closed with the exception of grocery shops. Cinemas, theatres, operas are also closed.  

We can’t use recreation and entertainment venues too. In addition, the restaurants sell food only as take-away or on order.


Sport events have been put on hold – both internal and international. The best way to consult a doctor is to do it on-line. That way we can also get an e-prescription or a sick-leave from work.

Remember to follow instructions – stay home and be safe. Leave home only if you have to!