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Discover Gdansk from a bicycle

Gdansk is one of the best-developed cities in Poland in terms of cycling infrastructure. It boasts nearly 600 km of cycling paths! Especially for bicycle fans, we’ve prepared a bicycle guide through the city. Check out best routes in Gdansk and vicinity. Discover beautiful and well suited for cyclist needs surroundings. See practical tips, given by professional cyclists.


Through Gdańsk with a bycicle
Through Gdańsk with a bycicle
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

For a few years there has been a major growth of the number of people who select a bicycle in place of a car or a crowded bus. The commuting to work is much more pleasant, you can burn additional calories and the afternoon trips along the seaside paths are a perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and charge positive energy after day's work.

Gdansk is one of the best developed places in terms of bicycle infrastructure. Bike paths overall are almost 600 km long! The first paths were constructed in the 1990s – it started with lowering curbs, designating dedicated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists and painting bicycle images on the paths. Over the years, the methods to construct bicycle paths have been evolving - from uncomfortable concrete cubes to smooth red asphalt. So numerous paths and the new ones begin to be connected into one integrated transportation network increasingly frequently provided with traffic supporting devices like traffic lights, speed bumps or locks. There has been an increasing number of service shops in the city, e.g. by the Gdańsk University of Technology or several new ones in Przymorze. Also special bicycle parking lots have been built - the largest ones are located by the Energa Arena and the aleja Havla – Świętokrzyska loop.

Specialist are of the opinion that the bike paths in Gdańsk are the best in Poland and other cities should follow our example.

For several years Gdansk has been the leader of the European Cycling Challenge - this year almost 100 000 km were covered!

By far the most frequented bike path in Gdańsk was the one along the seaside. Such extended network of bike paths supports unrestricted travel in numerous districts – bicycle sightseeing of Oliwa, Wrzeszcz and the historic Centre in one day is no longer a major challenge.

Herebelow you may select a free map with bike paths in Gdansk.

Bicycle map - Gdansk (4.65 MB)

We want to propose several options of sightseeing Gdańsk and the neighbourhood from the cyclist's viewpoint.