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Discover Gdańsk with 2x free Dott e-scooter rides

Visiting Gdańsk for the first time, or coming back after a long break from travel? Read on to find out where to tour hidden gems in quiet, undiscovered places. Whether you choose to hunt down the fluffiest rose donut, take your book to the beach or appreciate the historical wooden doors and multicolored architecture of the city centre – take stress out of the equation with 2x free 20 minute e-scooter rides with Dott.

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Dott is offering the visitors of Gdańsk a great deal to make travelling around the city both enjoyable and easy. With Dott, you can avoid the crowds, enjoy your ride in the great wide open and arrive where you need to be – safely and on time.

Claiming your 2x free rides is as smooth as the journey. All you need to do is get the Dott app, tap Promos and enter code* KARTA/VISITGDANSK. Find your nearest Dott, scan the QR code and sail through the spacious, open streets. Wondering where to begin? Read on to find out.


Historically unique: Old Town’s industrial atmosphere

The first destination we always recommend is the old shipyard. This area has an eventful history – warships were built here when it was first established in 1844. Nowadays, local entrepreneurs are developing the derelict buildings into lively galleries, bars, clubs and restaurants.

Weave carefully through the striking industrial structures to see if you can spot the sculptures in the “dokowy” basin. The eerie mechanical dogs create a special atmosphere (and a great backdrop for a quick selfie!). If you’ve used up your 2x free rides at this point, why not tap Passes in the Dott app again and try out the Unlimited Day Pass? For just 20zl, you can keep riding for 30 minutes a ride on your own agenda – and the price includes the unlock fee.

For a quick pick-me-up, keep going to find yourself in Elektryków Street. You’ll notice its atmosphere is similar to the derelict feeling of the “dokowy” basin, but this time with eclectic, artistic elements. You’ll have plenty to choose from with the food trucks & cafes serving a range of coffees and bites to eat. And if you just need a place to rest, hang out at the artificial beach overlooking the historical Gdańsk cranes.


Foodie paradise

You’ll most likely be hungry after a day of exploring, so we recommend trying out Machina Eats & Beats on Chlebnicka in a quiet spot of the Old Town. You can compose your own pasta dish (including the pasta shape!), or choose from one of the menu specials. If you’re in the mood for traditional Polish cuisine, order classic pierogi dumplings at Zielony Smok, a restaurant that focuses on preparing their food with local, quality ingredients.


A panoramic perspective

For some fresh air to round off the day, hit the road and ride to St. Mary’s Church, the biggest Gothic Catholic cathedral made of brick in Europe. Climb the many steps to reach the top of the tower and enjoy a breathtaking view over the Gdańsk skyline – all the way to the sea. If climbing all those stairs after a busy day is out of the question, try out the Amber Sky ferris wheel! From it’s 50 metre-high pinnacle, you can appreciate a magnificent panorama of richly decorated city gates, the winding river Motlawa and classic multicolored architecture.

Ready to head out? Just download the app, tap Promos, enter code* KARTA/VISITGDANSK and hit the streets with your 2x free rides. Strap on a helmet, scan the QR code and hop on! If you’re riding with friends, grab one scooter each and enjoy the ride alongside each other.


Travel easily, affordably & green with Dott

With Dott, you can enjoy an easy, stress-free alternative travel option to sail through the city in the great wide open. With Gdańsk’s impressive infrastructure, you’ll almost always ride in the bike lanes – especially along the beach boulevards. Enjoy exploring the hidden gems and buzzing atmosphere of Gdańsk on a Dott!


*Valid for new riders until 30/09/2021 only. Standard pricing per min applies after the first 20 min of