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Discover Shipyard area with free app “Shipyard is a Woman”


“Shipyard is a Woman” is an updated version of the application that premiered in 2016, featuring photographs, sound materials and biographies. You’ll hear the voice of Alina Pienkowska and excerpts of a documentary about women in Gdansk Shipyard recorded in 1968. Apart from these, you’ll see archival photos of non-existent buildings and workstations and read about the changes in women employment in the Shipyard from 1945 to 1996.

Our application enables you to discover the former shipyard area, using a smartphone or tablet.

Most of the sound excerpts come from interviews that have been conducted by Arteria Association in collaboration with Istytut Kultury Miejskiej, since 2012. At this point, there are over 60 recordings in our collection. We’d like to thank the shipyard workers for sharing their herstories and histories. Our goal is to discover and present women’s perspective on the Gdansk Shipyard by sharing the stories of their career development and everyday work in the Shipyard. People working here used to put their hearts and health into the jobs they were doing and that is something we’d like to show you.

More materials discussing women’s work in the Gdansk Shipyard are available at: stocznia-jest-kobieta.org. The digital social archive on our website contains podcasts, an audio guide of the shipyard, a book entitled Shipyard is a Woman and lots of archival material.

Download free app: http://bit.ly/stoczniajestkobieta