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Embark on a sailboat cruise – Baltic Sail 2022

Between 26 and 29 August, Gdansk is set to host yet another edition of the marvellous Baltic Sail rally. This is a perfect opportunity to not only admire the impressive-looking vessels (which will moor on Szafarnia Street), but also to hop on board and go on a cruise around the Gulf of Gdansk. The event also includes such attractions as various demonstrations, re-enactments, a grand sailboat parade, and of course shanty concerts.

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Baltic Sail is an international agreement signed by the countries of the Baltic region, initiated by the German port city of Rostock in 1996. Its aim has always been to promote the maritime legacy of the Baltic Sea region, and to cultivate, port by port, the tradition of Baltic sailing.

The members of Baltic Sail are Gdansk, Klaipeda, Rostock, Karlskrona, Nysted, Riga and Szczecin. This year, the ports of the member cities will once again host sailing-related celebrations, offering the residents and visitors insight into the maritime traditions of the Baltic Sea.

As is tradition, the event is open to all maritime vessels, including private yachts, cutters and motorboats. The goal is to cultivate the sailing community and promote the maritime legacy of Gdansk. The rally is an opportunity for sailors to meet like-minded people, gain experience and do some networking. Baltic Sail is also a unique opportunity to promote Gdansk, which is why the city has been hard at work in preparation for the event. The rally is organised in such a way that there is something for everyone. The sailing community has the opportunity to introduce itself to the residents and visitors, who in turn can get a taste of adventure at sea. All sailboats mooring at the banks of the Motlawa, near Targ Rybny Square, will be available to all visitors interested in their history and maritime customs. Baltic Sail Gdansk is also a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy a cruise around the Gulf of Gdansk aboard one of the sailboats.

Gdansk, with its centuries-long maritime traditions, is a perfect location for such events. All yachts which arrive for the rally from across Poland and Europe moor at the marina on Szafarnia Street, in the very centre of the city. With each passing year, the Gdansk marina is visited by more and more vessels, which perfectly complement the architectural landscape of the Old Town.

For more information and tickets, see the BALTIC SAIL website.