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Every tourist's day

Since 1979, on 27th of September, we celebrate World Tourism Day. The holiday was established by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) to highlight the growing role of the tourism sector for the global economy.



Thanks to the progress of technology, the whole world has been at our fingertips for several decades. The jet engine m that we could literally be on the other side of the planet within a day, which was even unthinkable a hundred years ago. Billions of people use flights every year. Many of them are discovering new countries, cultures and customs. Traveling is the passion of countless men and women, and often also their way of life.

Unfortunately, this year's holiday coincided with one of the most shocking events in the tourism industry - the collapse of the huge travel agency - Thomas Cook. Hundreds of thousands of people have been literally imprisoned in foreign countries, and thousands of people employed in the company and its subsidiaries have lost their jobs virtually overnight. It is difficult not to notice a certain historical irony here. Thomas Cook was a pioneer and promoter of mass tourism, and it was he who founded one of the first travel agencies in English Leicestrshire, in 1841.

Despite this, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, we wish the partners of the Gdansk Tourist Organization and the Gdansk Convention Bureau all the best, many successes and of course as many satisfied tourists as possible!

And to the tourist we wish great, memorable moments during their journeys, especially while visiting Gdansk.