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First such badminton club in Gdansk

Badminton, shuttlecock, battledore – one could count the number of people who have never came across this game on the fingers of one hand, regardless of what they used to call it. The majority of us remember badminton as a childhood vacation game where we would play it on the grass – at the lake, in the mountains, at summer camps, with parents, siblings, friends. In a word – with everyone and everywhere. On the map of the Tri-City, there is a place designed exclusively for this game: a Badminton Club has now been built in the Garnizon (Garrison) in GdanskO

The Badminton Club Garnizon
The Badminton Club Garnizon
The Badminton Club Garnizon

The court is located at 7a Slowackiego street in Wrzeszcz, close to the Smart Hotel. A picture hanging above the entrance, looking as if it was taken out of our grandparents’ photo album, will guide us straight to the spot. A pair of players in the poster is inviting us with the words: “Play with us!”. We now know exactly what aesthetic attitude inspires the whole concept – we are being moved to the interwar period.

The court building is composed of two parts: the ground floor contains 9 professional playing courts, two changing rooms and toilets. On the mezzanine we can find the cardio zone, which can be used to carry out training in preparation for a game, and the club room – a space designed for relaxation and integration with other badminton enthusiasts. The mezzanine offers a perfect view of the courts, which allows for watching other players whilst waiting for a match.

“The Badminton Club was created for integrating residents of the Garnizon, but is open to anyone who wants to play, at any skill level, both amateur and professional. We would like to encourage residents to choose this form of activity as a way of spending their spare time, for family entertainment. Badminton is a discipline which offers tremendous health benefits and does not require masterful physical fitness” – says Justyna Glazar, Director of the Marketing Centre of the Investment Group Hossa, the project originator. Indeed, badminton can be viewed in terms of the many benefits it brings: whole body strengthening, burning calories fast, reducing stress and many, many more.

The Badminton Club Garnizon started operating on 20 August
and, from the very first day after publishing this piece of information on its Facebook page, it has received a great deal of attention – both from beginners and professional players. Those wishing to play shuttlecock (aka badminton) are also attracted by the bargain price for renting courts.

Nowadays badminton is a sport that is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. More teams are being formed, either professional or amateur, therefore the fact this sport has found its place in Gdansk is especially pleasing.

More information can be found on the website www.badmintongarnizon.pl and on the Badminton Garnizon Facebook page.