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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ for visitgdansk.com website


  • Are there free maps available?

Marketing materials are available at the Visit Gdansk Tourist Information centres. Individual copies of maps of Srodmiescie (Downtown) can be collected at:

  • Gdansk Tourist Information Centre (ul. Dlugi Targ 28/29),
  • Tourist Information Centre in the tunnel at the Gdansk Glowny railway station (ul. Podwale Grodzkie 8)
  • Tourist and Airport Information Centre at Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (ul. Slowackiego 210).

We encourage you to download marketing materials in PDF versions from our website https://visitgdansk.com/e-book


  • Do you ship marketing materials?

No, but you can download the materials here (https://visitgdansk.com/e-book).


  • What are the best things to do in Gdansk?

We recommend checking the “What to do?” tab (https://visitgdansk.com/en/corobic) and visiting Tourist Information Centres, where the staff can advise you on how to spend your time in Gdansk.


  • What are the benefits of the Tourist Card?

The Tourist Card is a package of free entries to and discounts for tourist attractions in Gdansk (and other locations). It is available in three versions: Sightseeing Package, Family&Fun Package and Travel Package. The latest information can be found here (https://kartaturysty.visitgdansk.com/home.qbpage?setLanguage=en).


  • How much time do I need to visit the centre of Gdansk?

If you are also planning to visit Gdansk museums: 2-3 days.
A walk around Srodmiescie (Downtown), where all major sights are located: 2-4 hours.


  • How far is the centre from:
  • Westerplatte - 11 km
  • The beaches - Brzezno (8 km), Stogi (10 km) and Jelitkowo (11 km)
  • Oliwski Park - 10 km
  • Wrzeszcz (Galeria Baltycka, ul. Wajdeloty) - 4-5 km
  • Stadium - 5 km
  • Medical University - 3 km
  • Sobieszewo Island - 20 km
  • Orunski Park - 4 km
  • TPK (Tricity Landscape Park) 8-9 km (from the Matemblewo side)
  • Designer Outlet Gdansk - 9 km
  • Airport - 16 km
  • Sopot (pier) - via Al. Grunwaldzka 13-14 km
  • Gdynia (centre) - via bypass 37 km
  • Lighthouse in New Port - 8 km
  • Murals on Zaspa - 7 km
  • Reagan’s Park - 8 km

All places listed here are accessible by public transport (buses, trams and SKM trains). The current timetables are available at https://ztm.gda.pl/


  • Recommended hotels and apartments

For the list of recommended accommodation: https://visitgdansk.com/en/noclegi


  • We would like to book a tour guide in Gdansk

Our Tourist Information Centres offer audio guide rental. If you need a licensed tour guide, please contact the PTTK centre: 58 301-60-96


  • Museum opening hours and free admission days

In general, museums are open 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; however, if you want to learn more about the opening hours for a specific museum, please visit the museum’s website.


  • Are there any swimming pools or water parks in Gdansk?

Yes, there are indoor pools in Gdansk, although they are not located in the city centre. The sizes and addresses of the pools are available here (https://plywalniegdansk.pl/). The closest water park is located in Sopot.


  • How can I get from the airport to the city centre?

BUS: From bus stop 1 - Port Lotniczy - take bus line 210 (direction Waly Piastowskie) to the Hucisko bus stop (closer to the Royal Way) or to the Dworzec Glowny bus stop (route description: https://ztm.gda.pl/rozklady/linia-210.html)

TAXI: by the terminal you can find the Neptun taxi rank, a company recommended by the Airport, and the fee to the centre is approximately 60 zloty (please remember to ask the driver how much first!)

TRAIN: from platform 2 -> train to Gdansk-Wrzeszcz-> transfer in Wrzeszcz -> Dworzec Glowny (main train station)


  • Can I ride a bike or walk from Westerplatte to New Port?

No, the nearest “connection” is the tunnel under Martwa Wisla. This journey is only possible by car or public transport. Buses on line 158 allow you to take a bicycle (for specially designated buses, with the bus driver’s permission). The most convenient option for cyclists riding from Westerplatte to New Port is line 158 from the “Ku Ujsciu” bus stop to the “Stadion” bus stop (current schedule https://ztm.gda.pl/ )


  • Paid parking in the centre

A map of paid parking zones is available here: https://visitgdansk.com/aktualnosci/lokalizacja-platnych-miejsc-parkingowych,a,5479