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Gdansk Christmas Fair

Christmas magic will take over Gdansk as early as 23rd November. On that day, the Gdansk Christmas Fair will begin, and it will last all the way until 1st January. As always, the main Fair area will be the Coal Market Square. Visitors can expect a plethora of attractions, including some never seen before.



Photo: MTG Archive

Lucek the Moose who speaks human language, Angel Mill, a merry-go-round with steeds, an Advent Gate, elf parades, tasty treats and gifts full of Christmas spirit can all be found there. Thanks to the Christmas Fair, each year, the historical centre of Gdansk turns into a wonderful fairy tale. And each year, both visitors and Tri-City residents eagerly flock to Gdansk to experience the magic of Christmas.

The unique atmosphere of the Gdansk Christmas Fair is created primarily through its original scenery. Special streets are created just for the duration of the Fair, e.g. Chocolate, Cinnamon, Angel and Christmas Eve streets. There is also Lucek the Moose, who hums, murmurs and speaks just like a human. The Three Kings, angels and saints will observe the visitors from atop the Angel Mill while the latter marvel at elves, the Snow Queen with her entourage and many singing carollers. One can also mount a steed and take a spin on the beautiful, fairy-tale merry-go-round or... find a moment of respite at the nativity scene with the Holy Family. Couples, on the other hand, will surely appreciate the Lover's Corner under the mistletoe.


Advent Gate, honey, ginger and oranges

The market scenery is enriched with new attractions every year. This year, such a first-time addition will be a 5-metre-tall, candlestick-shaped Advent Gate, whose top will serve as a viewpoint. The gate itself contains a Christmas-themed surprise too - it is decorated with the largest Advent calendar in Gdansk. Revealing the next hidden image every day will thus become a new tradition of the Fair.

The Best Wishes Square will be the heart of the Fair. It will be surrounded with illuminated wooden houses decorated in a festive manner and full of treats from all around the world. There will certainly be plenty of foods to choose from: Alsatian flatbread, Hungarian kurtos kalacs, Greek bougatsa, Crimean chebureks, Spanish churros, Austrian cheeses, Lithuanian sausages, Turkish halva, Polish dumplings and traditional Gdansk wafers. Hot chocolate, mulled beer with honey and ginger, cider and rum and, of course, aromatic and spicy mulled wine with oranges will quickly warm up the atmosphere. As usual, the latter will be served in collector's cups whose patterns and colours are different each year.

Photo: MTG Archive


Angels, rocking horses and Christmas decorations

The Christmas Fair is also the perfect place for people looking for original gift ideas. Anyone who values the beauty of artistic handicraft will be delighted to see a selection of folk nativity scenes, angels, wooden toys, rag dolls, cuddly toys and other decorations. Modern design enthusiasts will surely appreciate the original jewellery and ceramics, hand-painted scarves and upcycled items, such as men's bow ties from recycled wood, and woollen knitwear and hats made from recycled fabrics.


Santa Claus in the lead role

Starting from 6th December, the Fair's lead character will be Santa Claus, who will sit on his throne and offer sweets to visitors. As a reminder of this unusual eye-to-eye meeting, they will also receive a postcard with the phrase: Niech nie traci we mnie wiary, ani duży, ani mały! [Let him not lose faith in me, neither big nor small!] The youngest visitors will also have a chance to participate in creative workshops during which they will make holiday decorations, angels and Christmas centrepieces.

Photo: MTG Archive


Helping is beautiful!

Yet, the most distinguishing aspect of the Gdansk Fair will be the charity campaign to help the Hospice Foundation, as well as a fundraiser to save the Saint Nicholas' Basilica, whose poor technical condition may soon lead to structural failure. Helping these initiatives is very simple and all you have to do is drop a donation into the treasury at the Grand Armoury or visit the Foundation's stand at the Fair. All supporters, regardless of their contribution, have a chance to receive one of the wonderful angels made by the students participating in the Angels play for the Hospice art competition.

With the sounds of carols and festive atmosphere everywhere around us, it is virtually impossible not to feel a sense of bonding with our community and the warmth of the upcoming Christmas season.