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Christmas lights and trees

December nights in Gdansk are traditionally illuminated by thousands of lights installed by the city. This year some of these decorations were moved from Oliwa Park to the much larger Reagan Park. What remains unchanged is that the Main Town will also be beautifully decorated.



This year's new attraction in Targ Weglowy, the traditional site of the Christmas Fair (to be organised online this year), is the lighting canopy illuminating the night sky.

Where can you see the lights?

Reagan Park
Orunia Park
Chiron Park
Oliwa Park
Main Town, Dluga St., Dlugi Targ, Targ Drzewny, Targ Weglowy
Swietopelk Park
Four Quarters Fountain
Shipyard crane on Stagiewna Street
Zielony Bridge
Gdansk Neon on Olowianka Island

The Christmas lights have illuminated Gdansk from 5 December. Unfortunately, the traditional greeting of St. Nicholas in Dlugi Targ on 6 December could not take place, and the New Year's Eve event is also cancelled.

Christmas trees

The largest, 17-metre Christmas tree now decorates Dlugi Targ, next to the Neptune Fountain. But it does not end there, as many smaller trees have also been placed in the centres of several districts.
These include Biskupia Gorka, Osowa, Jasien, Piecki-Migowo, Nowy Port and Sobieszewo. A total of eight trees now stand in the centres of their districts.