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Gdansk Christmas Fair garners even more praise

While it is still some weeks before the Gdansk Christmas Fair opens, European Best Destinations has already named it one of the safest fairs on the continent!



The popular tourism website, European Best Destinations, compiles an annual ranking of the best events and places worth visiting. Such a list would not be complete without Christmas fairs, whose popularity in mainland Europe is beyond any doubt. The year 2020 has brought many challenges, however. The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused serious damage to the economy, and also forced everyone to adhere to strict hygiene rules, which affects all types of events, including open-air.

EBD has come up with a list of safe Christmas fairs, taking into consideration such factors as hygiene safety, the availability and quality of health care services, as well as the number of cases per capita. Gdansk has made this year's list, along with Warsaw's Christmas fair.

Other safe fairs include those in Graz, Tallinn, Vienna and Prague, while the fair on the Portuguese island of Madeira, was placed highest in the ranking. The full ranking can be found HERE.

The ranking has also been published by Forbes.

Congratulations to organizers of our fair – Gdansk International Fair.